Our Story

Ollie & Otto was created based on the idea that personal care essentials can be simply made, effective, and impactful. Ollie & Otto creates products that are safe for the entire family.

Lynn, a creative at heart, began making plant based personal care and home essentials for her and her family when she started experiencing skin irritation and hormonal imbalance. She knew that many of the products on the shelves contain ingredients that were known endocrine disruptors, and she felt there had to be a better way. She joined forces with her partner, Mario, and Ollie & Otto was born.

The names Ollie & Otto are family names. Ollie was Lynn's great grandfather, an artisan by trade, made many furniture pieces for the community in his small town during the 1930s. The simplicity of hand made goods during this period inspired Lynn's "less is more" approach.

Ollie & Otto wants to harken back to a time when products were made without the fluff. We believe personal care essentials should have all of what you need and none of what you don't.